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At OPL we believe residents should live in an environment which is maintained effortlessly, secured and molded to communal desires and needs. We do this by solely Providing Residential Estate Management Services and our current customers say that we do that exceptionally well. Whether it is the management of a small sub urban development or large city center mixed used development/apartment we have the knowledge to deliver. With OPL as your property and estate managers you are sure with expert advice and can’t go wrong at any given time with your projects. We are up to date with current issues on local city by-laws, have access to the best trades people in waste management, security, repair and maintenance in Accra and its environs. Our team is highly experienced staff who devote attention to deliver calculation and collection of service charge, the supervision of major maintenance contract and arranging routine repairs to their fin and courteous manner.

OPL understand that there are always two players in the sales and rentals industry of real estate and each party equally deserve to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. To this end our sales and rental service is tailored towards ensuring that our clients relax and enjoy the rewards and profits received from their properties as landlords’ whiles tenant get their real comfort and harmonious stay in their rented homes. Our sales and rental mission is to reduce the TIME CONCERN INVOLVED with landlords by taking over their less than attractive time consuming responsibilities that go with the property ownership and for tenant we go the extra miles to search for the right property that meets your desire and supervise you all the way through agreement signing, entry and exit of the property. We feel that it is extremely important to have and maintain communication along with accountability in all sides of the sales and rental service.

No property can achieve it true value without a clean appearance, properly arranged space and decorated environment. With this OPL complement our real property industry services by providing a clean professional janitorial service which helps business retain and increase their environment friendliness. We take care of the corners that are hardly noticed with the use of our fast and efficient tools and detergents. Speed and efficiency is our hallmark in this area due to our well scaled janitors who offer a full range of quality building cleaning to our client satisfaction.

Creating the right space and blending the right colour might seems very easy but can be very costly and cannot be achieved without expect touch. OPL therefore do not just ensure the environment is clean but also provide space planning and management to get the right pattern for your fixtures and equipment, furniture and appliances to coordinate and complement their usage. We help you through your selection, delivery and fixing stages to ensure your building really depict what you want.

In 2015, after operating in the real estate for over three years, it was obvious that most of our client express the desire to have trust wealthy flexible constructors to handle their building construction and remodeling work.  This necessitated OPL base on it reliability and expertise to put together the construction unit which offer state of the act design and remodeling of buildings turning them from old to beautiful modern houses. As part of this, OPL has the model call BUILD NOW AND PAY LATER where clients get the opportunity of having their project undertaken up-front by OPL and they pay later base on flexible arrangement. OPL will work with you to form and develop your vision and bring life to your imagination by making your project a reality.

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